My name is Amy Ennion. I am an ultra-marathon and channel swimmer.

I have been swimming for all of my life, in the pool, playing water polo, a brief dalliance with triathlon, and for the last 3 years I have moved into open water swimming and ultra-marathon distances.

I started sharing my swimming journey on instagram as @amy.swims, but more and more frequently I have found myself wishing that I had the opportunity to write in a more long-form format.

So that is what you will find here! Swim Long and Prosper (SLAP) gives me the opportunity to talk about more than just my day-to-day training.

Here, I will share swim recaps and race reviews. I will group and summarise research into scientific aspects of swimming, endurance and training. I will be able to share more and go into more detail, and I might even start up an idea I have been playing with for a while- a SLAP book club!