Hello World!

Hello World!

This will be my quick introduction, and my first post on the blog!

My name is Amy Ennion, I am the swimmer behind @amy.swims on Instagram.

I started my swimstagram account in January 2020, to track my training, progress and the journey towards my English Channel solo, booked for 14th September 2021. Somehow, along the way, I accidentally ended up swimming from Jersey to France in August 2020, and then from Guernsey to France in June 2021. I have fully and completely caught the bug!

I absolutely love sharing my day to day training on the swimstagram, but more and more recently I have found myself wanting to explore more long form writing. So that is what I will be doing here!

To start with, I will be filling these pages with long form posts that I have had in my head for months; race reviews, big swim reports, mental health discussions, scientific journal summary meta-analyses, and comparisons between past and recent swims.

If there is anything else you fancy seeing, drop a comment! I think you can comment on these… I actually have no idea. I guess we’ll see with this first post.